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AKA SPACE opened at the center of Seoul in 2006. The exhibitions provided the foremost rare opportunity for the Korean art audiences to encounter the works of world-renowned contemporary artists without going abroad. Recognizing the importance of promoting Korean artists abroad, AKA SPACE participates annually in major art fairs such as SCOPE, Kunstar, BERLINER LISTE. Consequently, the Korean artists as well as the Gallery have been successfully gaining wide exposure and receiving much attention from the non- Korean collectors. Many of Korean artists who have been presented by AKA SPACE have gone on to participate in international exhibitions. The Gallery continues to play a key role in developing the domestic art market and promoting Korean artists; as well as drawing the national audience’s.

Ständig vertreten · En permanence · Permanently

art KARLSRUHE 2006~2012, Germany
St-Art 2007~2008 , France
L.A. Art Show 2008~2012, U.S.A
Berliner Liste 2009, Germany
Euro´ Art 2008~2009, Swiss
Scope Art 2008 London
Red Dot Miami 2011, U.S.A
affordable singapore 2011
affordable paris 2010
art asia 2010
art chicago 2010~2012
Ausgestellte Künstler · Artistes exposés · Exhibited Artists

HeeKyung KIM
Minjung Kim
Ilhwa Kim
Young-Sook Song
Jaebok Lee
Young Lee
Sunho Cho
Keun-Woo Lee
Gungwon Nam
Gunghwan Nam
Hyun-Young Lee
Sunjin Lee


Cho SoonHo
Blue bird
51 x 68 cm
Color on Korean paper

Namgoong Won
Scarecrow 2
81 x 61 cm
Acrylic on canvas

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