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Galerie Charlot was created by Valérie Hasson-Benillouche in 2010.

The gallery presents young artists, just finishing art schools, and artists already confirmed in Europe.

The gallery works to promote artists which explore classical and new art languages (painting, drawing, video and digital art…).

Each exhibition tries to show connections between these different media.

Ständig vertreten · En permanence · Permanently
Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Antoine Schmitt, Dan Barichasse, Dominique Albertelli, François Zajéga, Hugo Verlinde, Jacques Perconte, Laura Iniesta, Laurent Betremieux, Michel Cleempoel, Misha Margolis, Pontus Carle, Romain Bechetoille, Thomas Israël, Xanda McCagg, Zaven Paré

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Patrick Chambon - Hugo Verlinde
27.02 - 06.04
Dan Barichasse - François Zajéga
10.04 - 18.05
Christine Gläser - Jacques Perconte
22.05 - 29.06
Galerie Charlot acquisitions
03.07 - 27.07
Ausgestellte Künstler · Artistes exposés · Exhibited Artists
Laura Iniesta
Hugo Verlinde
Thomas Israël
Zaven Paré


Laura Iniesta
"Red Comet"
Mixed media on canvas
114 x 195 cm

Zaven Paré
"Lindberg Flug"
Sound installation
20 x 80 x 50 cm

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