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Bernard Aubertin, voiture brulée, 2010

The French artist Bernard Aubertin (b. 1934, lives and works in Reutlingen, Germany) met Yves Klein in 1957. After this capital meeting, he painted his first red monochromes.
In 1960 his practice started to truly evolve; the artist did his first “nail paintings” at this time, going on to employ screws and eyebolts covered with red paint, a color that Aubertin considered the most appropriate for spreading energy.
In 1961, Aubertin joined ZERO, a German artists’ group made up of Otto Piene, Heinz Mack and Günther Uecker.

With them Aubertin shared a distrust of language: “Art isn’t expression, it’s knowledge. You don’t have something to say, you can only be.”
(Bernard Aubertin)
For Aubertin, monochrome painting is the best way to free oneself from the painter’s gesture and, in doing so, give rise to a pure space and an anonymous vital energy. Ascribing a prophetic, liberating value to the color red and “levitating fire”, in which he sees a materialization of “extrasensory” culture, Aubertin has tirelessly developed his many series of paintings, the “mono-chromes”, “squares”, “reds”, “fires”, “golds” and so on.

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