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For twenty years, Oniris Gallery has remained committed to one fundamental philosophy: to exhibit recent work by internationally recognized artists.
This commitment began with the first exhibition in 1986, a solo show of the work of François Morellet, and has lasting relationships with the artists. This long term commitment allows the gallery to present a perspective on the evolving work of established artists such as Aurelie Nemours, Vera Molnar, Julije Knifer, Norman Dilworth but also Geneviève Asse, Claude Viallat, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Alain Clément or Christian Bonnefoi among others.

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Pierre Antoniucci, Geneviéve Asse, Ode Bertrand, Christian Bonnefoi, Alain Clement, Odile Deco, Joel Denot, Francois Dilasser, Norman Dilworth, Gerhard Doehler, Julije Knifer, Walter Leblanc, Jean-Philippe Lemee, Vera Molnar, Francois Morellet, Aurelie Nemours, Dimitry Orlac, Francois Perrodin, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Yves Popet, Marie-Thérèse Vacossin, Claude Viallat
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Francois Morellet
Aurelie Nemours
Vera Molnar
Norman Dilworth
Julije Knifer
Gerhard Doehler
Yves Popet
Joel Denot

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June > Sept. 2013: Vera Molnar - solo exhibition - recent works
October 2013 > Joël DENOT - solo exhibition - recent works


François Morellet
4 trames hybrides (15°-105°-35°-125°)
sur la pointe blanc noir"
Acrylique sur toile
141 x 141 cm - 2012

Vera Molnar
"Deux oranges"
Acrylique sur toile
100 x 200 cm - 2010

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