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Villa del Arte Galleries was founded in Barcelona in 1996 by Marcel and Jutta Huisman, Bert van Zetten and Nemo Jantzen. Their combined commitment and passion for art, together with a unique approach has contributed to an ever changing collection of a consistently high standard.
Over time Villa del Arte has developed into one of Catalonia’s leading contemporary art galleries. The gallery represents 30 national and international, established and emerging painters, photographers and sculptors.
We have opened a second gallery space in Amsterdam, and at times hold exhibitions in conjunction with the Museo Diocesa in Barcelona.
Following this success we have since continued our international trajectory with numerous exhibitions, boutique fairs and renowned art fairs such as Art Chicago, Art London, Art Miami, Houston Fine Art Fair, Beirut Art Fair, FADA (Los Angeles), Contemporary Istanbul,  Art Hamptons, San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Art Palm Beach and Art Toronto.

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Christiaan Lieverse - März/April 2013
Ekaterina Smirnova - Mai 2013
Montse Valdes - Juni 2013
Fernando Alday - Juli/August 2013
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Anja Luithle
Christiaan Lieverse
Claudio Napolitano
Fancoise Nielly
Jean-Francois Rauzier
Julio Nieto
Lukas Ulmi
Marc Harrold
Stephan Zirwes

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Alex Goufeng Cao, Antonio Tamburro, Christiaan Lieverse, Claudia Meyer, Claudio Napolitano, David Datuna, Eline de Jonge, Ekaterina Smirnova, Emil Alzamora, Fernando Adam, Fernando Alday, Francisca Ahlers, Françoise Nielly, Jacqueline Bozon, Jean-Francois Rauzier, Joan Peris, Johan Thunell, Juan Pajares, Julio Nieto, Lukas Ulmi, Marc Harrold, Montse Valdes, Pancho Tolchinsky, Serge Mendjinsky, Stephan Zirwes, Tim Garwood, Tomas Sunol, Willy Rojas

Jean-François Rauzier
Mosquee bleue
2012, Hyperphoto
185 x 120 cm

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