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Art company MISOOLSIDAE established in 1989. Art magazine ‚MISOOLSIDAE‘ and ‚ace art‘ are publishing every month. We publish the various artistic books and run the direct management gallery. We provide many chances to the young artists. And we are participating various, overseas art fairs and are promoting the art fair, every year. The fair‘ name is KCAF. (Korea Contemporary Art Festival) We are not only informing the korean contemporary art to the world but also theirs bring into korea through exhibitions and media.

Ständig vertreten · En permanence · Permanently
art KARLSRHUE 2006~2012 , Germany
Selection Basel 2012, Swiss
art fair Köln 2011, Germany
Scope Basel 2011, Swiss
St-Art 2007~2008, 2010, France
L.A Art Show 2008~2012 , U.S.A
Berliner Liste 2009 , Germany
Euro´Art 2008~2009 , Swiss
Scope Art 2008, London
Red Dot Miami 2011, U.S.A
affordable singapore 2011
affordable paris 2010
art asia 2010
art chicago 2010~2012

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2013 art chicago
Ausgestellte Künstler · Artistes exposés · Exhibited Artists
Hyun-sook, JEONG
Byung-Hoon, PARK
Hyun-ok, PARK
Ga-beom, KIM

Hyun-sook, JEONG
Byung-Hoon, PARK
Hyun-ok, PARK
Ga-beom, KIM


Jeong Hyun-Sook
Before and After
150 x 150 cm
Acrylic, crystal and Mother of
Pearl on Canvas 

Dream Mountain 12
mixed media on Canvas 100F

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