Stand-Nr. H2/A29

.MFA, Graduate School of Arts, Kyeonggi University
·BFA, Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Chosun University
Solo Exhibitions
.2012.07. The 17th Solo Exhibition. E-UMArt Gallery Invitation Exhibition (2012.
10 ~Seoul sam cheong- Dong)
.2012.07. The 16th Solo Exhibition. Konjiam Reaort Invitation Exhibition (2012.09~
Gyeonggi-do Kwangju)
.2012. 09 The 15th Solo Exhibition. InterArt Gallery Invitation Exhibition ( 2012.
.2012.07. The 14th Solo Exhibition. JANKOSSEN Gallery (Basel, Swizerland)
Selected Group Exhibitions
.2012.11 2011 Seoul Contemporary ARTSTAR Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
.2012.8 LeeSeoul Gallery Art Group Jayuro (seoul)
.2011.1 the 3rd good morning 2011 (La Mer Gallery, Seoul)
.2010 Korea Modern Artist Exhibition (Gallery Dimaca, Venezuela)
.2010.2 EAST MEETS WEST (America, LA)
.2009 International Contemporary Art Gwangju Artvision(1st,and 2nd exhibition hall
of Gwangju Biennale)

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